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Editor & Publisher: Petru Russu | Published November 30, 2023 | ISBN 9789189685420




In the mesmerizing world of contemporary art, the name Paul Ygartua shines brightly, capturing the essence of celestial wonders and the poignant realities of our time. The Guggenheim’s Issue of World of Art (WOA) Contemporary Art Magazine, in its latest edition, volume 2 of issue 13, features the prolific artist Paul Ygartua. This special edition delves into Ygartua’s artistic evolution, focusing on his Celestial Happenings and COVID Studies, providing readers with a glimpse into the mind of an artist committed to the perpetual pursuit of perfection.



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Paul Ygartua featured on Pages 160-163

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World of Art Contemporary Art magazine: The 2023 Guggenheim’s issue highlight is one of the most comprehensive overviews of the rich and varied events and exhibitions that highlight the most influential artists to see at the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao, the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in NYC, and other venues around the world. It features a large interview with Umberto Eco, a master of interdisciplinary and intercultural dialogue, and many important artists who define ideas, alternatives, and possibilities in art in the most contemporary sense. It also includes a list of  influential contemporary artists to watch and collect from, with insights on how to buy art from reputable sources



Celestial Happenings

Ygartua’s celestial private collection takes center stage in this special edition. The featured paintings transport viewers into black and white futuristic worlds, where intelligent and advanced beings come to life through the artist’s vivid imagination.

In a statement, Ygartua reflects on his artistic process, emphasizing the importance of improving with each work and fine-tuning the coordination between body, mind, and spirit. Speed becomes an integral part of this process, fostering a continuous flow of inspiration and passion. Paul’s concept of painting is a perpetual journey that never ends, with each style fitting into a roadmap to the future—a continuous ebb and flow of creative impulses.



COVID Studies

The second section of the magazine unveils Paul Ygartua’s COVID series, offering a unique perspective on the global pandemic that swept the world by surprise. In these paintings, Ygartua adopts a playful and taunting manner to depict the virus, transforming a grim reality into a colourful and engaging narrative. The artist’s ability to infuse a sense of urgency and spontaneity into his work is evident in these pieces, capturing the essence of the moment and expressing it through vibrant brushstrokes.

Ygartua’s COVID series serves as a reminder that even in the face of adversity, art has the power to reinterpret, reimagine, and ultimately provide a new lens through which we perceive the world around us. The colourful depictions of the pandemic challenge traditional notions, inviting viewers to reconsider the gravity of the situation through an unconventional and refreshing lens.



Paul Ygartua’s feature in the Guggenheim’s Issue of World of Art Contemporary Art Magazine is a celebration of artistic diversity and a testament to the transformative power of creativity. Through his Celestial Happenings and COVID Studies, Ygartua invites us on a journey that is both introspective and reflective of the world we live in. As we immerse ourselves in his imaginative worlds and playful take on the pandemic, we are reminded of the resilience of the human spirit and the ability of art to transcend boundaries, providing solace and inspiration in times of uncertainty.