Paintings of West Coast Native Masks



These paintings of West Coast native masks are a type of traditional art created by the indigenous peoples of the Pacific Northwest coast of North America. These masks are typically carved from wood and feature highly stylized designs and shapes that represent the spirits, animals, and mythical beings of the native cultures. These original paintings depict them in vibrant colours and intricate details, highlighting the symbolic meanings and cultural significance of the masks.

Paintings of West Coast Native Masks for Sale

West Coast Masks


“I have been influenced and inspired by our First People of Canada in many ways – I find it enlightening and spiritually exhilarating when working with subject matter such as the Indomitable Spirit. I depict this journey of the indigenous people of British Columbia through their struggle and their cultural heritage of carving great masks and totems. The masks are hidden, as if breaking out from the undergrowth in the forest —a force that only nature can reckon with – creating a medium that includes a brush and palette knife to carve in the subliminal shapes of the masks and totems.

I believe that it is important to be visually and emotionally moved by my work — to capture the strength of the indomitable spirit and to captivate the viewer is always a challenge that I particularly enjoy.”

YGARTUA HERITAGE – The Basques, one of the oldest known ethnic groups in the world, have been fighting to protect their language and culture for thousands of years., similar to that of the Indigenous People of the World. They are fiercely proud of their history

.Paul Ygartua, son of a Basque father – who endured the trauma of the Spanish Civil War, and the anguish of his separation from his beloved homeland, resulted in his determination to preserve his heritage, his culture and his connection to his beloved land and family.

My family and I have always travelled extensively and throughout my life, I have been influenced by other cultures. My interest, no doubt, comes from my Basque Heritage, the oldest white race in Europe. This influence has also directed me to the varied subject matter I seek out when living in other countries.  In the early 70s I started painting the North American Native, I found strength and a passion for a race struggling for their identity similar to the Basque People of northern Spain. These influences dominated my work for many years; even today I still feel a need to create with a passion and strength that captivates my mind and soul. I like to stir one’s emotions, I like my patrons to feel this energy that runs through me.

Paul has always admired the culture and rituals of the West Coast Natives in Canada. He has had close relations with the famous Chief Dan George’s (Chief of the Tsleil-Waututh) son, Chief Leonard George, also a collector of Paul’s work, giving him the opportunity to participate in many interesting projects with the Native People of Canada

“The 70’s was the beginning of my study of the American Native, a period of creation which saw the development of what I term my Native Heritage work. It was both fascinating and furthered my education not only of the Native People but of myself and of people generally.

The natural wonder of the rainforest and totems of the west coast is stimulating and has motivated me to express myself with a subject matter that I find invigorating and exciting.

It is part of my inner journey to transcend through styles and expressions to identify myself with original interpretations of existing expressions through my own experiences.”

Eagle Spirit Gallery boasts an impressive collection of Northwest Coast Native and Inuit art that is beautifully displayed in a museum-like space.

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