Paul Ygartua: Versatile Artist Showcasing Diverse Painting Styles



“If an artist only has one mode of expression,then he only needs one style”

Ygartua’s Eclectic Universe will give you an opportunity to immerse yourself in the eclectic and multifaceted world of artist Paul Ygartua–to learn about the different techniques and the various styles experienced by the artist throughout his work.

Artistic styles showcasing diversity art by painter Paul Ygartua


Paul Ygartua stands out as a non-conformist in the art world, refusing to confine himself to a singular stylistic box. Unlike many artists who become synonymous with a specific aesthetic, Ygartua takes a unique approach by allowing his artistic journey to dictate his direction. Unfettered by the constraints of conformity, he is a true maverick, venturing into diverse styles with a sense of artistic freedom.

His reluctance to restrict himself to one particular style is a testament to his unconventional spirit. Ygartua thrives as a loner in the artistic landscape, embracing the solitude that allows him to fully express his ideals and creativity. In an art world often driven by categorizations, he stands apart, letting his intuition guide him across a wide spectrum of artistic expressions.

By refusing to be confined to a single stylistic identity, Ygartua showcases the depth of his artistic prowess. He is not bound by the expectations of others or the limitations of a specific genre. Instead, he embraces the freedom to explore, experiment, and evolve. As a result, his body of work reflects a rich tapestry of artistic diversity, proving that true genius knows no boundaries.

Diversity Art by artist Paul Ygartua

Often the personality of an artist is revealed through his stylistic approach to his work diversity art. Time and again you can identify an artist’s work through one style, one medium and in general this is the case.  But there are always exceptions and Ygartua is an exception.

The expression YOU ARE WHO YOU ARE is one that I often use regarding a person’s persona and Paul quite fittingly KNOWS WHO HE IS — he does not question himself, he is confident and positive and this is consistently portrayed in his work.

It is an inborn talent, even though they do say that excellence is borne not of any particular innate ability, but of practice–but to be gifted and then work at it, it then becomes second nature–everything becomes accessible, effortless–this is exercised daily in Ygartua’s work, seeking out new adventures –experimenting with new ideas –with a determination to conquer everything that comes to his direction.

Often an artist will remain in a set direction and not dare go too far afield, often he is known for a particular style of work and therefore does not wish to exercise his ability in other areas, lest it is not as popular with his patrons and investors.  

A controversial subject when it comes to art — do you stay with one style or do you stay true to yourself, taking the leap, never doubting yourself, but challenging yourself in every style, and subject that entertains you.

If you feel accomplished in several styles and you receive accolades from your Patrons and the general public, then this is your path– your metamorphosis. Ygartua is a person that thrives on change, whether it is the city he lives in, the country or the people around him. He enjoys the confrontation, being thrust into a new environment, to live in another country and with these changes, he delves into another sphere — it is like constantly being reborn — taking new directions not only personally, but always in his art form.

Ygartua has always been an adventurer, starting with his early years as a gymnast and at the same time achieving a brown belt in judo, an underground speleologist and part of the Welsh Cave Rescue Team at fifteen years of age, competitions –swimming across Lake Windermere, etc. etc. He was known for his bets for a few coins hanging from a  beam at the art school and in the Basque Country many more competitions – diving from precarious heights from the rocky ravine into the ocean below, always competing and many, many more stories of his extravagant risk-taking ventures. He was known as a Dare Devil and today this is portrayed in his art. 

It is like a metamorphosis taking place, a process of transformation, an awakening. Whatever your life’s journey, various forms of metamorphosis are inevitable along the way.  The connections we make, and the encounters we have, often increase our awareness.  Ygartua is constantly taking on new challenges, and new demands– It is an adventure into the unknown and this is the thrill of taking it to the next level to explore new directions, and new styles in his Creative Journey.  He is compelled to face the challenges offered on his path–it is intoxicating and exhilarating.

His primary mediums are acrylic on canvas and fresco*, although, he has worked in oil, graphite, pen and ink, pastel, poster, lithograph* and mixed mediums.  His subjects include landscapes, seascapes, cityscapes, figures, portraits, still life, nudes, social commentary, cultural anthropology, native/indigenous people, the unconscious, and as an abstractionist –  shape, colour, and texture.  His styles are Realism*, Expressionism*, Abstract Expressionism*, Neo-Expressionism, Surrealism* and Abstract Surrealism and his revolutionary invention Future Conceptualism, reverse painted on plexiglass. 

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