We Honour Our Heroic Warriors, their sacrifice – it cannot be taken lightly, it is extraordinary, their efforts, their willingness to face this battle with the courage of a soldier going to war. 

As an artist I have been drawn into the deepest depths of my imagination to express to my audience a desire to connect, to give a message–again it comes in many different forms, from fantasy to realism.

Our Frontline Warriors illustrates the will and determination of our doctors and nurses, our healthcare workers and the essential workers–all the people who work on the frontline that have devoted themselves to conquering this beast. 

I have done a series on the Coronavirus-19 (realism/fantasy) as I want to express my gratitude, I want this to be recorded historically through my art. 

With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts. Eleanor Roosevelt

OUR FRONTLINE WARRIORS – is dedicated to our Heroes of 2020 – if there is any interest to see posters of this rendering of the Frontline Warriors and if there is a printing company that would like to reproduce the Frontline Warriors, privately funded, then all proceeds would go to the Caregivers. If anybody has any ideas, let me know.

A World United Expo 86 , the mural that adorned the United Nations Pavilion was reproduced for the UN and UNICEFin postcard, poster and limited editions to celebrate Expo86 and to honour all the nations in the world – coming together at the World Expo.  The message was important and people wanted to remember the unity, the celebration of coming together–a goal–we all look forward to.  Once again but in the form of a PANDEMIC the world has come together to face this invisible enemy COVID-19. 

Dedicated to Our Future Generations and our wonderful grandchildren – Willow, Lealand, Llewelyn, Marlowe and Amaya.