WALL90 is changing home decor and how we look at modern spaces with abstract art that pops.

Our mission is to turn a room from nice to amazing with art. There is nothing like walking into a room that immediately impresses your guests. Whether it’s for an important business meeting with a potential client or simply having a space that excites and energizes individuals each day.

We convert modern spaces with abstract art by Paul Ygartua. His various styles to complement the decor of your space. We like to be bold with how we express ourselves with artwork that creates mini worlds that are unforgettable. Browse through our abstract modern art gallery, visit our online partners to find a piece that speaks to you. If you are an architect, home designer or art broker please contact us with any commission request. Feel free to speak with our art director. Paul has experience painting some of the largest murals in the world all freehand and even in front of a crowd.


Interior Decor

Interior Decor

Large abstract paintings for sale with amazing texture and large art pieces for interior decor.

Office Art

Office Art

Our beautiful abstract artworks fill large office spaces and make a bold statement to any office foyer.

Abstract Art For Sale

Abstract Art For Sale

Browse through our online abstract art gallery. All paintings for sale come with free international shipping.


Abstract Art by Paul Ygartua

Ygartua is a phenomenon, an innovative artist who has the ability to create and work on several different styled paintings simultaneously. He is exceptionally prolific, from the beginning of his career, he displayed an interest in subject matter of every kind and demonstrates a great stylistic versatility that enables him to work in several mediums and techniques at the same time.

A MOSAIC OF IDEAS “If an artist only has one mode of expression, then he only needs one style”

Ygartua’s Eclectic Universe will you give you an opportunity to immerse yourself in the eclectic and multifaceted world of artist Paul Ygartua–to learn about the different techniques and the various styles experienced by the artist throughout his work.

Paul Ygartua is complex in his imagination and his expression as is quite evident by the many styles and techniques that he has mastered and progressed over the last 40 years. A brief description of the art of Ygartua is virtually impossible.

His senses are on alert at all times. A visionary with an acute sensual perception and a facility to express these dramatic emotions with a spontaneity that brings life and emotion to the subject. This takes on many forms and many directions. So to fill the needs of his deep and expressive imagination, Ygartua utilizes many techniques and styles. Some need fast spontaneous physical expression, other forms need more time and yet still capture the impulsive character of Ygartua.

The complexity and the individuality that is expressed throughout his works accounts for his constant change of city and country – being inspired by the world and the people around him.

“NECESSITY IS THE MOTHER OF INVENTION and every artist needs to change before crossing over and moving forward into another dimension. Sometimes to move forward one needs to reflect on previous work – this way I have a plan and a direction by which to head forwards with my imagination and dexterity, forging new paths in an ever changing landscape of paint and imagination.”


“The largest canvas you can ever hope to get! Wall murals expand your perimeters and chanllenges yourself to the highest limits. When working freehand with no scale or projector you must imagine the image. Picture it in your mind and envision the finished project. Painting large wall murals is a passion and an emotion I simply cannot describe in words. I use the same energy in all my abstract work.” Paul Ygartua


Abstract Modern Art

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