Paul Ygartua latest large portrait of artist Salvador Dali

Over the years Paul Ygartua always been drawn to Salvador Dali art. Not only as one of the most predominant 20th century artists but also by his hometown proximity to Cadaqués where Paul paints and is inspired a few weeks every year.

Paul has always been fascinated by Dali’s surrealist portrayal of the “Crucifixion” depicting Christ on a 4D like Cross known as a “polyhedron net of a tesseract”. This is one of his best known paintings from the later periods of his career in 1954.

What draws Paul to this painting is how Dali merges religion and concepts of science together highlighting his belief that they can coexist. “When I came across the photo of Dali holding the cross by Francesc: Catala-Roca taken in 1951, I immediately was inspired to paint this portrait and capture the energy in this image. Using acrylic on canvas as my medium, I wanted it to create a large vibrant portrait bringing the fantastic image to life.

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Process of Painting Abstracts by Ygartua


“Creating abstracts is an unique experience encompassing many years of experimenting with other styles, so as to develop a free expression with a confident spontaneous hand.

Creating a balanced effect where colours are used in the right proportion to create the harmony which eventually makes the composition flow.  The texture is created like most of the painting with spatulas of different sizes.

It is always more of an organic look, real texture, you can see it and feel it, this prolongs the visual response and the visual pleasure. I love the sculptured look and always looking at experimenting with  more methods on building texture giving the third dimension.”


LA LIBERTAD – acrylic on canvas – 2 x 2.6 meters

Abstracts are a culmination of other styles, a learning process of development, culminating a lucidity and confidence to produce a successful abstract one must be slight of hand, most abstracts are produced fast and spontaneously.

It is a personal freedom of expression bringing together everything you have learned over the years through spontaneous strokes applied with palette or brush, without organizing ahead of time. With feeling and passionate emotion allowing your hand to move faster than your mind–keeping a lucidity, a free flow that is essential for any large abstract with impact.

It is the thrill of executing an abstract in a short time and achieving your goal.


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