World of Art Contemporary Art Magazine

World of Art  Contemporary Art Magazine

Contemporary Art and Old Masters & 162 presented Artists

Ygartua — Page 184-187

Contemporary Art and Old Masters in the World of Art most comprehensive overview of rich and varied events and exhibitions highlighting the most influential artists to see at Del Prado Museum in Madrid, the Museum of Modern Art in NYC, Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in NYC, The Shanghai Biennial and many more important artist defining ideas, alternatives, and possibilities in art in the most contemporaneous sense.

Essays by Achille Bonito Oliva, art critic and historian of contemporary art, one of the most important art critics and curators of the 20th and 21st centuries. View book

The Artists in this issue:

Abraham Dayan, Adam Pendleton, Adela Ginés y Ortiz, Ahmed Morsi, Ai-Wen Wu Kratz, Aki Inomata, Alain Rousseau, Alberto Baraya, Alexander Calder, Alexander Groves, Aline Pouget, Alla Preobrazhenska-Ronikier, Amanda Williams, Andre Rusu, Andrea E. Sroka, Andy Warhol, Anna Martine Whitehead, Annick Collet, Antonio Fillol Granell, Astrida Neimanis, Azusa Murakami, Baldomero Gili y Roig, Barbara Pazzaglia, Benito Mayor Vallejo, Bosch, Britta Ortiz, Cao Minghao, Carla Kleekamp Ferdinandus, Carlos Casas, Carlos Verger Fioretti, Carol Carpenter, Cecilia Vicuna, Chan Suk On, Chen Jianjun, Clare Britton, Dai Chenlian, Dalia Blauensteiner, Derwin Leiva, Diana Marschall, Diane Holland Grunberg, Diego Velázquez, DnA, Dorothea Van De Winkel, Duygu Kivanc, Dürer, Eduardo Rosales, El Greco, Elena Brockmann de Llanos, Ellsworth Kelly, Emie Morissette, Erna Klaus, Erica Fromme, Bartolomé E. Murillo, Etel Adnan, Feliciano Centurión, Felipe Mercadal Borghetti, Fra Angelico, Gabrielle L’Hirondelle Hill, Gego (Gertrud Goldschmidt), Goya, Gregg Bordowitz, Gro Folkan, Halas and Batchelor, Hanna Scheriau, Heather Phillipson, Howard Harris, Huang Siyao, Hylozoic/Desires, Ibiye Camp, Ignacio Montano, Igor Nelubovich, Infanta Catherine Francisco Pradilla y Ortiz, Istook Smajs Muni, Jackson Pollock, Jean Jacques Porret, Jenni Souter, Joaquín Espalter y Rull, John Trinh, Jorge A. Colombo March, Jorge Rigamonti, Joseph’s Chastity Antonio del Castillo, Joseph E. Yoakum, Joseph Virgone, Josip Rubes, José de Ribera, Juan Canals, Juan de Flandes, Juan van der Hamen y León, Julia Alcayde y Montoya, Karel Witt, Karen HØjgaard Nielsen, Kirsi Porrassalmi, Kurt Schwitters, Larz Eldbåge, Lawrence Lek, Lidy De Brouwer,Madame Anselma (Alejandrina Gessler de Lacroix), Mae Jeon, Marceliano Santa María Sedano, Maren Hassinger, Margaret Bourke-White, Maria Teresa Guala, Marianne Mylonas-Svikovsky (Marlo), Marina Albornoz, Mario Cobàs (Mario Carchini), Mariojosé Angeles, Marta Dimitrescu, María Luisa de la Riva y Callol de Muñoz, María Roësset Mosquera, Meriem Bennani, Michele Macchia, Mimmo Paladino, Misa Aihara, Monica Michelotti, Moussa Salman, Neelon Crawford, Niki de Saint Phalle, Orna Adoram, Oto Rimele, Pablo Picasso, Pan Daijing, Patricia Karen Gagic, Patricia Noemi Queiruga, Paul Cézanne, Paul Ygartua, Pedro Sáenz Sáenz, Petru Russu, Plácido Francés y Pascual, Qiu Zhen, Ragnar Kjartansson, Ramon Rivas, Raphael, Raya Grinberg, Rembrandt, Renate Merzinger-Pleban, Richard Serra, Robert Morris, Rogier van der Weyden, Rubens, Salt Beyoglu, Sandra Gottlieb, Sarah Charlesworth, Shigeko Kubota, Sinikka Elfving, Sophie Taeuber-Arp, Sun Xiaoxing, Tabita Rézaire, Terry Golletz, Tiziano, Tong Wenmin, Tony Smith, Torkwase Dyson, Vasily Kandinsky, Vito Acconci, Wendy Cohen, Wiegen den Uyl, Wu Tsang, Yto Barrada, Zadie Xa, Zhao Kunfang, Zoltan Zsako.


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Ygartua has participated in many of WOA/MOT/ World of Art/Masters of Today editions — FAMOUS/ART UNLIMITED/ TRENDS/MUSEUM — Artist Profiles including the front and back cover of Museum and his personal Bibliophile Limited Edition Collector  book YGARTUA




HARDCOVER 224 PAGES 12¼X10 IN | 31,5X25 CM

ISBN  9789189685123


Editorial Reviews

Perhaps artists are born-born with a desire to create and with some natural endowment in talent. What this means is that while they may have a God given gift they also have the need or desire to develop this natural endowment into real expression or interpretation which they hope can be understood and appreciated by others. The artist that creates only for his own satisfaction is at best a rare bird or alternatively without appreciable talent. The path from God-given talent to successful expression is a path covering years of arduous study and years of hard work. Paul Ygartua is an artist – he has talent – and after years of determination and struggle he is finally achieving recognition as an international artist – an original creator producing remarkable work. Creation and interpretation is Paul’s life. In painting he is at home in all mediums and his production is prodigious. A qualified gold and silversmith with a degree in design. Paul turned to painting immediately after graduating from the famous Liverpool School of Art in Great Britain. His continuous study and work on techniques and painting mediums are apparent throughout his vast body of work – from his Heritage Series to his current Abstract Expressionism and his most recent pure Abstraction. As a young artist he showed a maturity in his work far beyond his years. His excellent perspective no doubt relates to his early study in design – his technique in color, startling and impressive and his use of the knife bold and convincing. His Celestialism shows the extent of his imagination – an important body of older work which is less familiar to viewers giving an insight to his more intimate work illustrating the workings of the mind and soul. His most recent works provoke a response that is both physical and emotional. His application of color and line enables Paul to capture the essence of the subject with a spontaneity unparalleled by many. His monumental murals and domed ceiling have received international acclaim. The power of his achievement is appreciated and recognized by many collectors world-wide. (William Davey Federation of Canadian Artists FCA) –PAUL YGARTUA FEATURED IN MASTERS OF TODAY | MOT numbered and SIGNED BIBLIOPHILE LIMITED EDITION BOOK SERIE

Paul Ygartua’s abstract and impressionist paintings exhibited with great success at the Montserrat Gallery in New York, unequivocally revealing the power of color and form in the service of free thought, leaving a trail of emotion in spectators, satisfying their thirst for contemporary expression and bringing the message of what humankind can accomplish with its futuristic thoughts and ideas. With his broad experience accumulated through extensive international travel, Paul Ygartua, with joy and untiring enthusiasm, has brought his work to the main art galleries of the great European, Asian and Latin American capitals. In his interview he revealed the secret of his creativity, observing that I haven t changed a bit, I continue living with the same passion and the same energy as the artist who has just begun and has to place himself at the starting point in order to better see the horizon that he has to reach; for this reason, in each work that I am going to begin, I put all my passion, feelings and will, in order to conceive something new and create with my brushes a fantasy capable of stirring the imagination. Critics of Paul Ygartua s work affirm that these are faithful reflections of his impulsive personality, transmitting his dynamism, speed, and originality.(Reveals the Power of Color in New York BY LOuis Rodriguez Aranguren, New York USA /PAUL YGARTUA, New York Art Expo 2009) –PAUL YGARTUA FEATURED IN MASTERS OF TODAY | MOT numbered and SIGNED BIBLIOPHILE LIMITED EDITION BOOK SERIE

During a four year period of creation which saw the development of what I term my Native Heritage work, my study of the American Native was both fascinating and furthered my education not only of the Native People, but of myself and of people generally. It seemed that there was a parallel between my Basque Heritage, on my father’s side, with its marked individuality and closeness to the soil and that of the Native People. Returning to Europe following this maturing period was a revelation and there seemed to be an affinity, not readily disclosed before, towards the basic People of Europe, towards those engaged in the time honored occupations such as the Basque and Portuguese sheepherders and fishermen, the French farmers, the ordinary small market traders and of course the children and the mothers who always seem to relate to that which is fundamental wherever they are. Over the years it really seems that a guiding hand is directing me to create a tableau, a record of character portraying the Nomadic People of the World. Whether it is the North American Native or the Aztec from South America, the Polynesian People of the Pacific or the Semitic People still populating desert or semi desert country of Asia Minor and North Africa or the Black People – through all of these there is a difference and a similarity, difference in bone structure and color, but a similarity in character as portrayed in the eyes – that penetrating impersonal look that seems to have understanding of natural things and the ability to see a vision far in the distance without any terminal quality; the firm and unemotional curve of the mouth that tells a story of continual effort and struggle as if survival was the initial goal and that only by unemotional and constant control was this possible. It seemed that some instinctive and natural inquisitiveness drawn from my Basque Heritage – which is one of the oldest known ethnic groups in the world -was acting as a force which impelled me to seek out those fundamental values which are the root foundations of all civilizations. And like the nomadic people of all time the urge to travel has dominated my life and during these travels Joanne, myself and our children Tala and Anton have been able to meet the local people, to relate to them and they have shared with us some of their customs, their pleasures and their hopes. During this tour I was fortunate to be able to locate over this last winter in the Middle East where we resided in Jerusalem; one of the most ancient centers of civilization from which has evolved some of the most important groups of people and thought ever produced – where Christianity, Judaism and Mohammedanism all share the basic concepts and the seat of its origin. The mystical and historical quality of Jerusalem with its varied structural background dating back to historical times is a fascinating reality. It is my hope that it has been possible for me to capture some of these qualities on canvas. (Quotes, Paul Ygartua 1980) –PAUL YGARTUA FEATURED IN MASTERS OF TODAY | MOT numbered and SIGNED BIBLIOPHILE LIMITED EDITION BOOK SERIE