Contemporary Masters – Virtual Art Fair



Contemporary Art Station has established its name by curating successful international art fairs and exhibitions all around the world.

Contemporary Art Station, based in London, Tokyo and Barcelona, the platform that facilitates both emerging and established artists to display their works in you venues and public space. We are a company designed to showcase the work and value offered by some of the best artists in the world. We exhibit the works of selected artists in curated exhibitions, and at the same time we are also engaged in big-scale audience artist promotion.

Our focus is on offering artists a way to reach the big-scale audience. We turn up public spaces into art exhibitions, covering important art fairs and art events periods to guarantee the best audience possible.

We believe that it’s very important to showcase the contemporary art in the public space. We understand that a lot of people want to explore and enjoy art the way they want, and Contemporary Art Station certainly helps achieve such a goal in no time.

We are firm believers that by showcasing contemporary art to the right audience, people will finally be able to push the boundaries and evolve as well as adjust stuff in life based on their own needs.

What makes Contemporary Art Station stand out is that we transform the public space at all times. We create an outstanding museum from it and we always do everything in our power to showcase the right artwork to people in major cities. The idea here is to try and bring art close to people, regardless of its format. We believe that, by bringing more art to people, we make it easier for everyone to be in touch with art and enrich the everyday life of the traveling public by giving the very latest insights in contemporary art.