Contemporary Art Curator – Ygartua Interview

“If an artist only has one mode of expression, then he only needs one style”

How would you describe yourself and your artwork?

I feel that I am part of the revolution, continually adapting myself to changing circumstances in the art world, in so being, a Chameleon –adapting and inspired by the social environment at the time, depending on the country–using many different techniques to enhance my knowledge with my art.


How do you go about beginning a new piece? Do you have an idea already in mind, or do you start working with materials or sketches to find the departure point?

First, I decide what style and technique, so to prepare my palette next.  I quickly prepare the canvas accordingly so as to limit the amount of work during the painting process. Basically, I attack the canvas from the beginning and my hands seem to guide my head in designing the composition, texture and balance– it is spontaneous –often not a lot of time to think, it just happens.


 When do you think your most prolific time of day or week is?

Every day from 9 – 5 pm (7 days a week) except when travelling, etc.

 4)What is a barrier you as an artist overcame? Is there anything that enabled you to develop your work as an artist in your life?

I have never felt that I had barriers to cross. I speak three languages and have travelled the world, I am interested in other cultures and I am part of one of the oldest races in the world – The Basques. I believe my classical education with life drawing, architecture drawing and design gave me the confidence needed to survive in the art world. I am an Industrial Designer by profession, specializing in Gold and Silversmithing – even though after college I immediately started to paint and became a professional artist at the age of 20.  I have made a living only from my art, I do not teach, I only paint.


Did you have an idea of what you wanted to create right from the beginning?

I don’t always have an idea of what I am going to paint, it depends, it may be a commission or I may be into a certain subject like COVID whereby I am not sure where it is going until I get started, then it develops as you go along, the same as abstracts. Often this is when new subjects, styles arise, your mind is open, free-flowing and all of sudden you have hit on something new.

What is the meaning or creative inspiration for your work? We’re curious what the narrative or story is to what you are producing?

Creative Inspiration – comes from many directions, but I believe it is a natural gift when your inspiration comes from within, it is just there. Many people have the gift, but one must be obliged to dedicate and devote your life to your work.  The meaning of my work is to advance awareness in my art. The story is the future direction of the art world and challenging the unknown so as to advance the experiment.


Besides your artworks, are there any other things in life that your voice as an artist may consider vital or valuable? What makes you joyful and creative, in other words?

 I feel it is vital and an opportunity at the moment to express my concern about our world and where we are. The important issues in society and especially right now with a constantly changing world. A global view of our situation with COVID has given me inspiration for new expressions in my art.

Example my COVID SERIES-

Being happy with my relationship with my wife and family who are constantly inspiring and challenging me and to continue travelling the world to gain knowledge and inspiration for future projects.


Are there any exhibitions or places where people can see these beautiful creations in person soon? Anything on the horizon?

I am represented by the following Galleries and Websites below.

Right now I am preparing for two exhibitions in Paris:

Ygartua One Man Exhibition, represented by Les Cercles Galerie d’Art, taking place at the Chateau/Palace and I am the Guest of Honour at the Le Vesin Art Exhibition  –these exhibitions will take place in February and March 2022.

Here in Vancouver, at the Ukama Gallery and the Eagle Spirit Gallery, I am a resident artist, generally, 12 works are on exhibit at one time. The Les Cercles gallery, Paris,  is a Ygartua Gallery and I have many works at the Gagliardi Gallery in London and they are also the creators of the London Biennale and the Directors and owners of the Chianciano Museum in Tuscany where I also exhibit and in participate in their Biennales every two years.

International Shows coming up – World Art Dubai and Art Vancouver. I am constantly exhibiting internationally, along with interesting commission work on a regular basis and many online shows.  I am very busy at all times and love every minute of it.

Art Vancouver | International Art Fair | May 5-8, 2022

World Art Dubai 16-19 March 2022

Ukama Gallery, Vancouver, Canada

Eagle Spirit Gallery, Vancouver, Canada

Gagliardi Gallery, Kings Road, Chelsea, London, UK

La Galerie Les Cercles, Paris, France