Ygartua did thousands of sketches over the years, but unfortunately, we only have a few photos. Years back one didn’t have a camera, or when you did it wasn’t a good camera. Paul and I met in 66, from then on we were constantly travelling and at that time not thinking of the importance of these photos as a historical record. When Paul was at the Liverpool Art College in the 196Os, part of his curriculum was architectural drawing, life study, jewelry design and furniture design and a great emphasis on drawing daily. Ygartua did not take painting, which in the end he was happy about as he was not influenced by one teacher with one style, instead, he was free to go out and discover a style, or many styles for himself. 

Below are a few photos of his chalices, designs for coffee pots, jewelry and his very modern chair. Also included a self-portrait of Paul, his art teacher, his lifelong friend, Derek and his Basque Grandmother and Paul’s brother, Ramon. Towards the end of the 196Os (Paul and I met in 66)we lived (the first time for me) in Europe for 2 years 1967-1969 and Paul started to sell his work, then, it was generally on the street. This was the beginning of his career as an artist. The Apollo Gallery was opened on April 1, 197O in Vancouver

At that time Ygartua did a lot of pen and ink and some with a wash–the materials were reasonable and the people loved the subject matter of the historical buildings – he sold everything he did. We lived in Spain, Berlin and London – generally for at least 6 months to a year. We worked at different jobs and Paul continued to paint; selling his paintings everywhere we went – and he sold everything he painted. Paul is prolific, quite an advantage, even the pen and inks were done in an hour or a few hours for the detailed ones.

Photos below are from an old sketchbook from the 6O’s – a couple of Ygartua’s sketchbooks were sold at the art college and all the others we could not find.





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