Ygartua sketched and painted alongside his Mother, who was also an artist, from six years of age.  Generally, this was during the summer holidays when they went back to the Basque Country, his Father’s homeland, to spend a couple of months of the summer visiting family and enjoying the Fiestas and where Paul had the opportunity to learn and speak Spanish as none of the Family spoke English.

Ygartua furthered his classical education with a Degree in Industrial Design – this entailed five years of design, life studies, architectural renderings, still life and design studies that he was creating in silver. Combined, his natural ability and classical education gave him an edge in capturing a subject with just a few lines.  Often the simplicity of the subject encourages a higher level of questioning, imaging cross examination – mystifying the viewer and encouraging a more analytical observation. The simplicity and lucidity used with line drawing enabled Ygartua to express himself as a minimalist portraying a subject with only a few lines.

In his early years, he did copy many of the Masters and this is always excellent training for composition, colour balance and styles when you are painting 8 hours a day, every day, you not only become proficient in your trade but you become a professional expert and this takes you in any direction you wish to entertain, as you are confident, self-assertive and positive  – you may have a gift, but if you don’t work at it, it will remain dormant.

Such as the example here “The Thinker” – the power of the use of black ink, the strength of the strokes,  can only be expressed with a natural born gift where every line is effortless – it looks like magic – with ink you can never go back, the first impression is the only one you are conveying – there is no going back.

The simplicity, energy and life captured in Ygartua’s drawings, reveal another perspective, another viewpoint. Having the aptitude to express oneself through a quick sketch gives the artist command and control of the subject. 

Ygartua is a master with the pen, pencil and brush and it looks effortless owing to his genius and his life-long dedication to his work.  

His ceaseless experimentation with the use of drawing either in detail or as a minimalist brings a new identity to Ygartua’s creations. His interpretations of his Extraterrestrials (revisited) and his AI Robots ( Brave New World – a Futuristic World State with an Intelligence-based Social Hierarchy )  reveal his intense desire to pursue and challenge himself in this new direction – empowering him to continue on this paramount commitment.


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