Art Vancouver: Artist interview series

Paul Ygartua finds opportunity for artistic expression during pandemic

Paul immigrated to Vancouver from England in 1966 and met his wife very soon after. The pair have spent their entire lives travelling, painting and raising their family. It is a beautiful story that features two very beautiful people at the helm. Watch his interview here.


Paul can paint anywhere; the space is not important. He told me, ‘my ideas are in me, I don’t really need an environment that is conducive to it but equipment is key.’ Paul consumes hundreds of feet of canvas every month and thousands of dollars in paint. Paul works with acrylic paint primarily and will be reintroducing his plexiglass work at Art Vancouver this year with an acrylic finish. Previous to this, the artists’ plexiglass work featured an enamel element. In an attempt to elevate the work and present it in a more contemporary style, Paul has found high quality acrylic paint to replace the enamel layers in the work. The artist uses many different techniques. Each technique needs a different kind of discipline, so therefore detailed work takes a lot longer than a fast, spontaneous abstract technique for example.

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Art Vancouver: Artist interview COVID19 series

Paul Ygartua finds opportunity for artistic expression during pandemic

Under the physical restrictions imposed by COVID-19, Paul Ygartua has been spending each day getting up early, enjoying a coffee with his wife, Joanne, and then working in his studio from nine in the morning until about seven at night.

He views this unique environment as an opportunity, one where he can explore how the virus has influenced society.

“Because it’s such a negative thing, the virus, I had to look at it in a different way,” says Ygartua. “So, first of all, I started approaching it from the point of the heroes, the doctors and the nurses and everyone else. So I started painting it from their point of view. But then I started to think, ‘Wait a minute. What about the virus? I mean, I should paint something to do with the virus.’”

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2020 Online Art Shows

JUNE  2020 


Honouring Art, directed by Elliot Nitkin as part of his endeavour for the art community he has an On-Line Art Gallery with several ongoing exhibitions-see below Ygartua Shows


Introduction to Ygartua Online Gallery



“UNDER SIEGE – The Lions – Lions Gate Bridge, Vancouver, Canada”

Acrylic on Canvas 48X6O” (121X152cm)  $6,OOO.OO

“…In a globally-connected world, we are obligated to each other to find a solution, to share our discoveries and work together to conquer this unbelievable, unimaginable beast.

To all our doctors, nurses, healthcare workers and all our essential workers out there, we appreciate you and thank you.


Acrylic on Canvas   84″ x 48″

“Guernica – as the subject matter relates to the Basque Country and the Civil War it is personal and a topic of conversation for all Basques.”

“…Guernica is a large 1937 oil painting on canvas by Spanish artist Pablo Picasso.  One of Picasso’s best known works, Guernica is regarded by many art critics as one of the most moving and powerful anti-war paintings in history.  It is exhibited in the Museo Reina Sofia in Madrid. Ygartua’s journey to the Imaginary Global Kingdom of COVID-19 takes a turn, now visiting some of the most prestigious museums in the world.   “Guernica” is on exhibition at the Museo Reina Sofía in Madrid, Spain.

Paul Ygartua was greatly influenced by Picasso in many aspects – his heritage is Basque, his Father attained political asylum in England due to the Spanish Civil War and felt the personal suffering of an expatriate. It was the same deep rejection of one’s patriarchal country that Picasso felt when he left his homeland and rejected his country because of the atrocities of the civil war.  Picasso reacted with retaliation when he created his masterpiece Guernica.  Commissioned by the Paris government for the 1937 World Fair in Paris. It expressed his deepest sentiment towards all people at times of bereavement..”



2020 Art Gallery Exhibitions


UKAMA GALLERY SPECIAL EXHIBITION “ART THROUGH THE WINDOW”  May 16-May 28,2020 CORONAVIRUS SERIES “ An Artist’s Tribute to Frontline Workers around the World”  Ukama Gallery on Granville Island is honoured to present our first “Art Through The Window” exhibition in the time of COVID19 featuring the latest work of internationally renowned artist, Paul Ygartua

Ukama Gallery, Granville Island, Vancouver, B.C. Canada




Paul captures the beauty of the West Coast, Canada in its natural environment with the vibrance and variety of the green foliage in its landscapes contrasting with the architectural landscape of the modern city of Vancouver.

Exhibited at Ukama Gallery, Granville Island, Vancouver, B.C. View Gallery

For more information on the WEST COAST COLLECTION please contact or Ukama Gallery  48×48 Sizes – 48×48″ (121x121cm), 72×36” (182x91cm), 84×44” (213x111cm) Prices from $5,000.00



Investment Art 

Future Conceptualism is a revolutionary technique developed by Paul Ygartua. It is a technique of reverse painting on transparent plexiglass, similar to Cloisonne Enamelling. This was an ancient method of the Chinese (whose history can date back to over 5OO years) whereby a single line is etched out depicting the subject matter. Then each area is painted separately, creating a collage of color in a mosaic effect.This is a complex technique, conveying a powerful presence. A mixed media mosaic cubistic style inlaid with gold or silver, creating the design and separating the colours.It is a distortion of the subject matter, an original abstract with a sculptural effect.The element of lucidity is created through colour separating  combining fluorescent metallics, enamels and acrylics.This medium I developed in 1986 and continued this style until the early nineties.  It is just recently that I have re-entered the challenge of working with this extraordinary medium which allows me to experiment more with my design concepts creating an ultra modern effect.  






Galerie d’art Les Cercles have an important Ygartua Collection of original works for sale at their private gallery.  If you are interested in any of these works please go to their website and if in Europe contact the Gallery directly or if in North America (email for an on-line sale or private viewing at the gallery.  Contact Mathieu Maillot –  33 171 51 71 78. -he will be pleased to welcome you for a private viewing

Les Cercles, 65 Boulevard Carnot, 78110 Le Vesinet, France 

Located on the bend of the Seine (west of Paris, bordering with Chatou, Ile des Impressionistes)



Curated London Art Gallery

The GAGLIARDI Gallery have an important Ygartua Collection of original works for sale at their Kings Road prestigious gallery. If you are in London and  interested in viewing the Ygartua Collection please contact the gallery directly for an on-line sale or a private viewing at the gallery.

The Gagliardi Gallery has obtained the respect of personalities of the calibre of Lady Margaret Thatcher, the then Italian President Francesco Cossiga, Princess Margaret and Princess Anne, further enhancing its strong identity and character.  Roberta Amerini

The family-owned gallery is one of the oldest and more established contemporary art galleries in London and a symbol of contemporary art on the King’s Road for over 35 years.The gallery was always synonymous with excellence and eclecticism and Director,Peter Gagliardi has contributed to its renewal with a critical and passionate eye in the selection of the prestigious collection of exhibited artworks. Sculptures and paintings characterised by their variety and international artists with works present in some of the greatest museum collections in the world (such as the V&A, the Tate and MOMA) are the basis of the stature gained in the art world over the years.

Peter Gagliardi also leads the team that curates the London Art Biennale and the Chianciano Biennale at the Chianciano Art Museum in Tuscany, gathering together the genius of 120 artists from 40 nations selected from all around the world, from the young and talented to the very established. Nicholas Bonham, heir of the dynasty family of auctioneers that founded the internationally renowned Bonham’s auction house, held the Charity Auction during the London Art Biennale at the Chelsea Old Town Hall. 

The Gagliardi family, art lovers and collectors for generations, founded the Chianciano Art Museum, one of the most prestigious private museums in Italy, with permanent collections ranging from Neolithic and Asiatic to Contemporary art with approximately 1000 works on display. Gagliardi Gallery also curated relevant collateral exhibitions at the Victoria & Albert Museum (“Figures from Realism to Abstraction”) and at the Lord Leighton Museum (“Italian Views”).Peter Gagliardi is undoubtedly one of those personalities in the art world to keep an eye on as he is early in his career but also rich in solid experience, talent and passion. The Gagliardi Gallery is, as ever, a must for any collector and a timeless gem on the King’s Road

Gagliardi Gallery  .  509 King’s Rd. Chelsea, London SW10 OTX   United Kingdom  +44 20 7352 3663