JERUSALEM 1979-1980


Our collection of sketches of the old city of Jerusalem is a tribute to the rich history and cultural heritage of this iconic place. These sketches capture the essence and character of the old city, showcasing its ancient streets, landmarks, and people. The artist Paul Ygartua has used a range of mediums, including pencil, pen, and ink, to create detailed and expressive renderings of the old city. Each sketch is a unique and intimate portrait of this special place, highlighting the timeless beauty and cultural significance of the old city. Whether you are a fan of history, art, or simply love the beauty of a well-crafted sketch, these drawings are sure to delight and inspire.



During our six month sojourn in Jerusalem Paul prepared for an exhibition on The Old City that we took back to Canada for a Special Exhibition at the Bayshore Inn International Suite – 198O,VANCOUVER. Here are a few sketches from that exhibition.




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