Contemporary Art Curator – Ygartua Interview

“If an artist only has one mode of expression, then he only needs one style” How would you describe yourself and your artwork? I feel that I am part of the revolution, continually adapting myself to changing circumstances in the art world, in so being, a Chameleon –adapting and inspired by the social environment at […]

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Contemporary Art Station Award

Contemporary Art Station has established its name by curating successful international art fairs and art exhibitions all around the world. Contemporary Art Station, based in London, Tokyo and Barcelona, the platform that facilitates both emerging and established artists to display their works in venues and public space. We are a company designed to showcase the […]

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Contemporary Art Curator Magazine – Interview

Interview with Paul Ygartua THERE IS AN ENERGY, A HIGH WHEN CREATING INTERVIEW WITH PAUL YGARTUA When you are influenced by everything around you, whether it is the people in the world, their culture or nature itself–it is emotional and personal. It is these emotions that one tries to express–an inside view of your thoughts […]

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