Ygartua’s Martini Ladies are a cubist style that he created in the ’80s and continued on until the late ’90s. Thereafter, it was mainly commissioned work, until recently. 

THE MARTINI LADIES have started to reappear in the larger canvases and his Future Conceptualism – reverse painted on plexiglass. 

The first paintings of this style were reverse painted on the drawing film which highlighted the freestyle approach and as the drawing film is transparent, the colours were vibrant and vivacious which worked well with this style.

It is the fanciful, whimsical play on subject matter that is enticing to the viewer–a delightful distraction–amusing and entertaining.

Throughout the years Ygartua did have many special requests – clients that wanted their dog or bird, or children in the painting.  On one occasion a family with their newborn and another rare request was a woman with her two beloved cats whose personalities had to be present.

Below are a few examples of THE MARTINI LADY

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