“It is part of my inner journey to transcend through styles and expressions to identify myself with original interpretations of existing expressions through my own experiences”. Paul Ygartua

Throughout my lifetime, I have endeavored to paint and express myself in many different styles and techniques, having taken each style to an ultimate conclusion.

I am always looking to improve on each work so as to fine tune my coordination between body,mind and spirit with emphasis on reaching the point whereby my hands almost are moving without consciously guiding them. Speed is an integral part of the process as it forces one to not dwell on exactitude rather it forces a continuous flow of inspiration and passion.My concept of painting is the journey of struggle and determination for perfection in every aspect of my work – from design and composition to color and form. A journey that never ends. Each style fits into a plan, like a road map to the future and sometimes the direction is not always forward, but like a continuous ebb and flow of juices which moves one, sometimes forwards and sometimes backwards but always towards a positive direction.

“I haven’t changed a bit, I continue living with the same passion and the same energy as the artist who has just begun and has to place himself at the starting point in order to better see the horizon that he has to reach; for this reason, in each work that I am going to begin, I put all my passion, feelings and will, in order to conceive something new and create with my brushes a fantasy capable of stirring the imagination.”

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