Paul Ygartua’s abstract and impressionist paintings exhibited with great success at the Montserrat Gallery in New York, unequivocally revealing the power of colour and form in the service of free thought, leaving a trail of emotion in spectators, satisfying their thirst for contemporary expression and bringing the message of what humankind can accomplish with its futuristic thoughts and ideas.  With his broad experience accumulated through extensive international travel, Paul Ygartua, with joy and untiring enthusiasm, has brought his work to the main art galleries of the great European, Asian and Latin American capitals.

In his interview he revealed the secret of his creativity, observing that “I haven’t changed a bit, I continue living with the same passion and the same energy as the artist who has just begun and has to place himself at the starting pint in order to better see the horizon that he has to reach; for this reason, in each work that I am going to begin, I put all my passion, feelings and will, in order to conceive something new and create with my brushes a fantasy capable of stirring the imagination.

Critics of Paul Ygartua’s work affirm that these are faithful reflections of his impulsive personality,

Transmitting his dynamism, speed, and originality. 


            Luis Rodriquez Aranguren,New York – New York,Soho,Montserrat Gallery






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