When I decided to write my first book “Living While Human” which has just been published. One of the first tasks of this project was to come up with a book cover. It only took a few minutes of reflection to come up with the perfect choice. 

I have been a collector of Paul Ygartua’s art since about 199O. My first purchase was a large plexiglass painting “The Musicians”. A wonderful abstract and favourite subject of mine, music. 

The more I researched and witnessed the evolution and expanding diverse styles of his work, the more amazing his accomplishments became. I am not aware of any artist, living or dead, that can do what Ygartua continues to create. His talent and creative energy is truly infinite and I have tremendous respect and admiration for him as an artist and as a leader. Particularly his respect for the Indigenous People locally and around the globe. His paintings bring out the amazing wisdom, pride and depth of their heritage, culture and connection to the earth. 

When it came to choosing my book cover, I wanted a painting done by Ygartua of the Indigenous People. The picture I chose and am grateful that permission was granted to me, to print it as my book cover,  is of a “Native Mask”. It was hard to narrow down as there were so many to choose from. 

Since a large part of my book is about the state of the planet and an urgent call to action, I wanted to pay tribute to the Indigenous People to the way back to the earth and living sustainably on the planet. We need to live their way of life. Their sacred connection to the earth. 

Since Ygartua expresses this vision through his Indigenous paintings, it was the perfect look and message for my book cover. 

I have introduced the art of Paul Ygartua to everyone I know. Even people who know little about the art world are impressed with the volume and immense diversity of his style and talent. 

Hoping that 2O22 brings us closer to protecting each other and the earth. 


Thank you to the Ygartua family for their support and for the art! 



Arwinder Kaur